Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Three Beautiful Puppies Ready to Go Home Today!

Truce, purple collar

Trek, red collar

Tracker, no collar on

With mom, Sage

 These three little males are ready to find their new homes!  They are happy, healthy little puppies, all with tight coats, which are low maintenance, even when working through briers in the field.  They are all similar in size, with the very typical Griff sweet, mild temperaments.  Please see contact information below to find out how to make one of these little guys a part of your family today!  

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

3 males now looking for their families!

These great little guys are ready to become part of your family!  Please see the contact information on the right column to talk about making one of these outstanding Griffs a part of your household!  The parents are Sage and Chance, you can find their information below.  The puppies are AKC registered, $1100, Born 6/13/4014, first shots, ready to go! Please contact us soon for information!

Also, we can generally count on it being too hot to ship puppies this time of year, so please plan on picking up your pup in person. You can fly with them as carry-on, check with your airline for information on how to do that. 


     Trek-- male, red collar

Tracker-- male, black collar

Truce-- male, purple collar

Sold: Quest-- male

      Sold: Journey-- female, pink collar

 Sold: Ledger--male, orange collar

Monday, December 9, 2013

Griffs doing what they love best!

Our new little "Camry" out for her first hunt!

Sage and Chance finding the birds

Grand Tetons in the distance

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Now's Your Chance (Chance), Puppy Daddy!

Chance is an outstanding, methodical hunter with a particularly good nose who will find the birds that other dogs may miss in their excitement.  
He has a very typical mild Griff personality, weighs about 62 lbs., with a medium density coat and those quirky Griff good looks.  Chance is very devoted to us, very eager to please, and smart. He loves the water and isn't the least bit hesitant to press ahead into whatever lies between him and the birds he's on to.  He's obedient and required very little training when learning to hunt, his natural abilities combined with working with our older dogs, along with that devotion and desire to please, have all combined into an excellent hunting dog and a great addition to our family.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sage in the field

                    Sage is a particularly devoted and sweet tempered soul who also lives to find the birds.  She LOVES to retrieve and is seldom seen without a stick or ball that she's hoping you will throw for her.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Specializing in AKC registered Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

Griffons are intelligent, reliable, hard working, and skilled hunters. Watching them work, find the birds, point and retrieve is as good as bird hunting gets! These dogs do well in water, on steep hills, long hunts or any other situation that has been asked of them. They are loyal and eager to please; as well as affectionate, devoted and enjoyable family pets. They are very active and athletic and need a lot of exercise; they don't do well being kenneled for long periods or being left unattended. Someone who has room for them to run, and is ready to help these dogs work hard and play hard will find a truly enjoyable hunting partner, as well as lifelong friend in a griffon!                                                                                                    

 The WPG's natural affinity for hunting and their desire to please makes them very easy to work with. Their pleasant personalities and their hunting abilities are superior to any other hunters we've owned. If you are interested in owning a pointer, THE WPG IS DEFINITELY WORTH A SECOND LOOK!

Previous litters

Here are pictures shared with us by some of our buyers,  thanks so much! 


Griff working hard on his Georgia farm

Teak on the hunt

Prior litter puppy pics